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At Marius Prinsloo Prosthetics & Orthotics (MPPO) we strive to do things different.

Our clinic is fuelled by our passion for clients and the expertise we have developed over the years. At MPPO we have proven that the

patient- practitioner relationship is the cornerstone to any successful outcome.


We emphasize the importance of continual rehabilitation, well designed, quality manufactured devices and we believe our key to success is our multi-disciplinary team approach. We constantly engage with Physicians, Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, wound care specialists and Psychologists, creating a holistic formula to how we approach rehabilitation.    

About Us


MPPO was founded by Marius Prinsloo to fulfill the need for quality prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation in Southern Africa. Since 2012, our client base has extended beyond South Africa's boarders, and our main purpose is to prioritise our clients while employing sound, transparent, and evidence-based practices.


We have purposefully built a strong network of healthcare professionals, making it easy for you to find a wide range of medical expertise just a stone's throw away. This creates an opportunity for you to receive input from an experienced multi-disciplinary team.


Our goal is to become a pillar of light within the Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics industry, creating an environment that is conducive to rehabilitation for both patients and their loved ones.



Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Hip Disarticulation

Paediatric Lower Limb Prosthetics

Paediatric Upper Limb Prosthetics

prosthetic robotic hand
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Fees and

At MPPO we understand that O&P services are expensive. Even more so when one did not anticipate the loss of a limb or disability.

Most of the orthotic and prosthetic services provided by MPPO are covered by health insurance, including most medical schemes, depending on the benefit structure.


Here is all you need to know about billing and coverage.


Contact Us

63 Regency Drive, Tecnolink Building A
Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene 0157

Office number: 012 342 3383

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